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Mr. Salam Ali Mohammed Al Rawashdeh

Board Member, Independent/ Non-executive.
Member, Nomination & Remuneration Committee.

Salam Ali Al Rawashdeh is a seasoned leader with a distinguished career in strategic advisory roles and an unwavering commitment to driving strategic excellence. Salam serves as the trusted Advisor to the Chairman of Abu Dhabi Airports. His experience in guiding organizational strategies and setting-up board oversight and governance structures was instrumental in contributing to the growth and success of one of the region's principal aviation hubs.

More recently, Salam has taken on the role of CEO and Managing Director of Masaar Abu Dhabi, a significant milestone in his career journey. In this leadership capacity, he serves as a trusted confidant to Abu Dhabi's key decision-makers, offering invaluable guidance on strategic matters, governance, and investments. Salam also continues to apply his skills in guiding Masaar Abu Dhabi towards success through strategic vision and effective execution.

Salam is also an active board member, lending his expertise to a range of organizations in the industry development, infrastructure, and services sectors that share his commitment to fostering positive change. His invaluable strategic insights, channeled through his board responsibilities, play a pivotal role in advancing their missions.

Academically, Salam holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Jordan and a Master of Business Administration from Abu Dhabi University. His educational background, combining technical engineering skills with business management expertise, has been fundamental to his professional success and decision-making prowess.