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Discover Our Identity

Emirates Stallions Group of companies operating across Investments, Construction and Real Estate sectors.

Our comprehensive portfolio forms a cohesive ecosystem where divisions collaborate seamlessly, offering everything from development and consultancy to design, project management, construction, landscaping, and hospitality management. This integrated approach provides both turnkey solutions and individual expertise.

Guiding Principles and Purpose

Driving Excellence and Innovation

Discover the essence of our company through our Vision, Mission, and Values. Our Vision propels us forward, our Mission directs our efforts, and our Values define how we achieve success.

Delve into this insightful summary to understand the core principles that drive us to excel and innovate in everything we do.


Be a leading force in building a resilient future.

Our in-house Development Team has the ability and flexibility to adapt to a varied mix of stakeholders, projects, international locations, working practices, and regulatory environments. The team treats every project as bespoke and brings a personal approach to the delivery process.


Empowering progress to build a resilient future.

At the core of our mission lies the empowerment of progress, driving us to contribute tirelessly towards a future marked by strength and adaptability. As we champion advancement, we are dedicated to laying the foundations of resilience that will stand the test of time. Join us in our journey to build a future that not only embraces change but thrives in the face of it.

Our values define the very essence of who we are and how we operate.

  • We collaborate in smart, meaningful ways, bringing together the teams and talent that yield the greatest results.
  • We integrate our practices, combine capabilities and technologies to unlock opportunities by simplifying systems and streamline processes, accelerating the path to development.
  • We are pathfinders. We push boundaries.
  • We establish new ways of working to enable improved and sustainable results for our clients.
  • We challenge ourselves as well as the practices of our industry: reinventing our technology and approach to projects, innovating end-to-end for greater efficiency.
  • We design, create and adapt our products and services that energize interactions and help to build relationships.
  • We create solutions by adapting to the everevolving world, anticipating and responding to changes in the landscape.
  • We listen. We’re flexible, and proactive.
  • We think ahead and seize opportunities for our clients.
  • We act responsibly and openly, assuring clients and partners of our competence and inspiring their trust at every step.

Driving Impact Across Key Sectors

Established our footprint in core industries such as investments, construction, and real estate.

Through strategic initiatives and a commitment to quality, we have not only shaped our own journey but also made a significant impact within these pivotal sectors.

A place to thrive

ESG identifies with all facets of the real estate sector from Development and Consulting, Planning, Design, Project Management, Construction, Landscaping and Operations, offering a holistic approach to real estate development management.

Within the realm of real estate, Emirates Stallions Group stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation. Our commitment to excellence is not only a mantra but a guiding principle that shapes every facet of our involvement in this dynamic sector.

At the core of our approach lies a deep understanding of the intricate journey a real estate project undertakes. From its conceptualization and design to its construction and operation, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompass every stage. Our holistic perspective ensures that every aspect, from feasibility studies to operational management, is meticulously addressed to create sustainable and enduring real estate ventures.

Global Stay Solutions

Emirates Stallions Group's Accommodation Services division is an integral part of their diversified operations, spanning core investments, construction, and real estate sectors.

Our comprehensive portfolio comprises various divisions, including Development, Consultancy, Design, Project Management, Construction, Landscaping, and Hospitality Management, offering a unique and wide-ranging scope of services. This versatility enables companies to collaborate effectively, whether they require a turnkey solution or individualized services.

The group's investment portfolio is strategically composed, primarily consisting of land, real estate assets, and capital investments. This prudent approach ensures a strong foundation for financial stability and growth. In the realm of construction, Emirates Stallions Group has carved a niche in three critical areas: marine works, infrastructure, and buildings.

Committed to Excellence in Manpower Supply

Emirates Stallions Group takes pride in offering esteemed contracts for workforce provision, featuring qualified professionals and skilled labour tailored to meet your project needs. Our goal is to assist you in achieving all your business objectives. With a diverse team, we possess the expertise to effectively manage and ensure the fulfilment of all client requirements.

We solidify our standing as a trustworthy workforce supplier, delivering qualified and experienced labour for a range of projects, including construction and development, landscaping, cleaning services, and more.

Adhering to international standards, we prioritize health and safety through compliant induction processes and in-house technical training, supplemented by regular refresher courses for our labour force.





Discover the Global Footprint of Emirates Stallions Group

Within the fabric of Emirates Stallions Group lies a portfolio of immense breadth and influence.

With a constellation of 26 subsidiary companies spanning 5 diverse industries, our reach extends across more than 20 countries, encompassing the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Our presence resonates on a global scale, enriching communities and economies as we deliver an array of products and services that embody excellence, innovation, and progress.